City council to impose levy on vacant sites

cork city centerCity council to impose levy on vacant sites The new measure is aimed at forcing developers and landowners to use the sites they own to build new homes.
Cork City Council is setting up a new Vacant Sites Register that will record all empty and undeveloped sites in the city that are zoned and suitable for residential use.
The register will come into effect on January 1, 2017. Once a site is on the register for a period of 12 months, the council can apply a levy at a rate of 3% of the market valuation of the vacant site.
In a report to city councillors, to be discussed at today’s Planning Subcommittee meeting, head of planning Pat Ledwidge said there is a very significant housing need in Cork given the rising house prices and rental costs, the low number of homes available to buy or rent and the large number of people on the housing waiting list.

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